Why it Works

RealityCheck is an attempt to address the varying credibility of news found on the internet. We don't mean to influence, only to provide a common ground where articles found online can be identified and rated according to their credibility. Our algorithms are only the starting point. You are what makes it real.

How it Works

It's really easy to find credible news. Simply search for any topic using the search bar and you'll be returned a list of articles that are relevant to that topic. Alongside them, you'll see a rating with respect to their credibility. That rating looks like this:



80 - 100 Credible

Articles that land in this range can be trusted. These are credible articles that rely on facts and minimize bias and opinion.



60 - 79 Likely Credible

When an article lands here, it means that we'd like to trust it, and it likely is credible, but there's a reason it didn't score higher. An author, for example, might share the facts, but then inadvertently share their personal feelings, which impact credibility.



40 - 59 Less Credible

These articles are questionable. Unless you are familiar and comfortable with this source already, you'll likely want to avoid this article and find something more credible.



0 - 39 Not Credible

These articles are not credible. To avoid giving these kinds of articles a platform, we do not show them by default. If you are truly interested in viewing them, please look for the "View all articles" link in search results.